Making a passport

If you're thinking of paying a trip back to ancient Rome, you really don't to be forgetting your passport! Below is a step-by-step guide to making yourself a passport to get past those border controls and into ancient Rome!

* Take two pieces of paper, and a piece of card, cut out so it is exactly the same size as the paper

* Place the two pieces of paper exactly on top of the card, and staple all three together down the middle

* You can then fold them all in half, so it looks like a little book!

* On the front cover you can draw a Roman emperor or image representing Rome if you would like to be a Roman, and write "ROMA" beneath it! Or, if you'd prefer it to say you are from Britian, write "BRITANNIA", and draw a symbol of Britain instead...

* On the first page, write the following headings:
NOMEN: (which means name!)
TERRA: (country)
DIES NATALIS: (date of birth)
PUELLA/PUER: (girl/boy - write one of these)
NUMERUM: (number - write a passport number!)

* Then sign it!

* On the next pages, you can make up your own stamps to draw for countries you have visited

Then it's ready to take on your travels!