Our Patrons

Chris Carey

Chris is Professor of Greek and Head of the Department of Greek and Latin at University College London. He is a fervent advocate of access to Classics in schools, frequently giving talks to school audiences, and has been an important support in the projects Iris runs in conjunction with UCL.

Bettany Hughes

Bettany won a scholarship to read Ancient and Modern History at Oxford University, since when she has become a well-known  historian, lecturer and television documentary-maker.  Over the years, she has used her many media performances to promote Classics and also to talk about the need to for the subject to be taught more in the state sector. Since Iris' inception, Bettany has been an enthusiastic supporter, helping Iris promote Classics to a wider audience.

Boris Johnson

Boris was previously MP for the Oxfordshire constituency of Henley, and shadow minister for Higher Education, before being elected as London Mayor in May 2008. Boris has long been a supporter of Classics in schools, and has helped Iris by giving talks in comprehensive schools for the project, donating his own money and helping in many other ways.

Martha Kearney

Martha studied Classics at Oxford University, and has led an illustrious career in broadcasting, which has seen her as presenter on Radio Four's Woman's Hour and BBC2's Newsnight, amongst others. She is currently the main presenter of Radio Four's ever-popular World at One show. She can often be heard discussing aspects of Classics in her media appearances, and has been supportive of Iris's work promoting Latin and ancient Greek in schools for some time.

Anthony Seldon

Anthony is a historian and biographer for Tony Blair. He has been a prominent figure in the field of education for many years, and has a particular interest in innovative approaches to teaching and learning as well as exploring ways in which the private sector can work with and support state schools. He is currently the Master of Wellington College, and has long been a supporter of the work of the Iris Project in state schools.

Baroness Warnock

Mary is a philosopher of ethics, the mind and education, and often speaks about the importance of improving literacy in state schools and amongst deprived social groups in our society. She has been, amongst many other roles, chair of the UK committee of inquiry into special education, and is a life peer.

Joan Smith

Joan is a feminist, writer and human right activist. She studied Latin at Reading University before moving to The Sunday Times where she worked until 1984. She has since written for a number of publications, including The Guardian, The New Statesman and The Independent on Sunday, where she now has a regular column. She blogs as Political Blonde and has also published a number of fiction and non-fiction works. She has written passionately about the need for Classics in state schools.

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