Hestia Schools

Hestia Schools is a collaboration between the Hestia project and The Iris Project, which aims to produce and deliver accessible, exciting and interactive sessions about Herodotus for school audiences.

Hestia schools involves four distinct stages:

  1. Designing workshops for schools to use Hestia’s technologies to explore Herodotus;
  2. Delivering these workshops to mixed ability classes in schools;
  3. Collecting feedback on these trial sessions which will be used to improve the functionality of this website;
  4. Creating a series of downloadable and deliverable resources for schools to use nationally and internationally.

‘Travelling Herodotus’s World’

This participatory workshop explores the historian Herodotus and the ancient world in which he lived and about which he wrote. Students learn about the origins of historiography, including the duty and responsibility of the historian. By using Hestia’s interactive technologies, students are able to move beyond the written page to explore the geography of the ancient world.

We are now in the process of trialling this workshop in schools. If you would like to be involved in trials of Hestia Schools, please contact us through the website. After the trial, we will make our resources freely available on the Hestia site.