Ancient Greek in the Park - learn your alphas and omegas in the sun!

Following on from the success of 'Latin in the parks' in recent years, The Iris Project started a new series of free lessons for Oxford adults and families in the spring and summer 2010!

As with the 'Latin in the Park' series, Ancient Greek in the Park involvea a series of free hour-long weekly sessions introducing the ancient Greek language to adults and families. The sessions take place in Bury Knowle Park and South Park in East Oxford. Everyone is welcome (children must attend with an adult).

Ancient Greek is a fascinating language which provides the basis for many English words, as well as being used in a very broad range of areas today, from science and mathematics to advertising and branding! The sessions will introduce the Greek alphabet, grammar and vocabulary in a fun, accessible way, and also include introductions to aspects of Greek civilisation from the great philosophers and playwrights to maths and science in Ancient Greece.

It's started on 12th June in South Park at 2pm and runs every OTHER Saturday from then. Please get in touch with us if you would like to attend these sessions. There are often last minute changes to timings and venue, so if you would like to attend, we recommend you are put on the mailing list for these sessions

Stop Press: read the report in the Oxford Mail from the first sesion here

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